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Winter Wardrobe

January 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

After a THREE month hiatus I am truly sorry. But I will make this a good one : ) and I am already on top of next months looks too! Yay getting a head of the game.

Winter is upon us and it is hard to achieve the cute look and still be warm. Well I am here to help! Lets see what we can do with this winter slump.

Do not be afraid of color in these damp dreary days either. Spice things up, sometimes those bright colors be just what you need to cheer up your mood. 

And most importantly dress to be comfortable. Just because something is "in-style" doesn't mean it is for you. If you are the comfy casual girl go with boyfriend style jeans to still achieve the skinny jean look without being trapped, wear a tank top and a blazer, then BAM! You are comfy and put together. 

You do not have to follow trends either. Fashion has ZERO rules. It is all about expressing yourself, and walking with your head held high (not in a snooty way, but confidently) 

Lets jump in and see what I pulled out of my overflowing closet this time : ) I am the worst about falling in love with single items and wearing them over and over and over.... So this blog is always a fun way for me to look at my clothes in a new light.


Look One:

Leather Quilted Moto Jacket : Forever 21 


Chartreuse Long Sleeve High Low Top : Uncle Frank

Mid Rise White Destroyed Skinny Jeans : Forever 21


Dolce Vita Fringe Boots : TJ MAXX

Not the exact boot but so cute and would still work : )


This look is effortless and super comfy, for those Mommas running errands throw this on and rock it. My office girls this is a no brainer still look dressed up but get to have fun too. To my trade show, and college girls who are sometimes one in the same, you know you want to be comfy during those long work hours this is a easy way to do it.

The jewelry has been collected for a long time and most is still not available. But you can find the necklace at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gypset-Honey/247402221986394?ref=br_tf


Look Two: 

Sweaters are H O T HOT this year. And I am so excited about it! They are the most versatile piece in your closet. They can be layered under, over, or even worn alone.

This one is styled to be worn alone. Now all of the items are not available but I am going to link some cute and similar pieces.

Chunky Knit Sweater : Forever 21


Aztec Leggings : See You Monday


Black Boots : Old Gringo



When your outfit is making a lot of noise you can keep the jewelry turned down. I paired it with a simple cuff, silver bangles, and quarter flower pendant made by Nick Cunningham.

I know a lot of y'all are saying "leggings aren't pants" and while yes that are denim they are still pants. Be conscious of how you wear them cover your bottom, and your lady bit and they can still be "Pants" 


Look Three:

She had them apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fur comes to mind when I see this look. No you won't have that rap guy girlfriends appearance, but you will get attention and look classy and sassy while doing it. 


Fur Vest : Purchased from a boutique 2 years a go.


Royal Blue Blouse : Forever 21 (2 years Old Also)


Black Skinny Jeans : Marshall's 


Leopard Ankle Boots : Frock Candy

Sadly I can not find these anymore, but throw some fun colored or printed booties on or play it safe with the ones listed from look one. 


This can be a day to night look. Wear this to work, meetings, whatever it is you have that day, then call your lover or girls up and go get some dinner and drinks. 



Look Four :

The ultimate comfort look!

Long Sleeve Top: I got this at a thrift store.... Great place to shop but hard to tell you loves where to get it.

Have no fear though I found something similar : ))) 


Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans : They are not identical but I have found these to be a better fit.


 Wine Perforated Booties : Forever 21


Chunky Paisley Ombre Scarf : I have no clue where this came from... But here is one that can take its place!


This is perfect for the busy women that we all are, throw a simple jacket on for those FREEZING days and you will be good to go. 


​I understand that these looks don't work in every climate, but I am just a little Texas girl and this goes with the weather that I get to deal with : )


I hope that you enjoy these looks, and at the very least they give you some inspiration to dig in to your closets and wear things differently. I challenge all of you to do a deep closet purge. We get overly attached to these items, and if you haven't worn it since 2013 since 2014 just ended. Then kick it to the curb. Sale it on Facebook, Craigslist, or Ebay... If they don't sale then donate it. And the money you do make treat yourself. 

I have things in my closet from high school that I still wear, and then there were pieces that I bout 6 months a go that have already found new homes. Don't stick to your comfort zone either, step out and wear those looks you see on different sites. If you want help I am only a phone call away, and LOVE to shop! I will never put someone in something that isn't figure flattering. And I can be as budget friendly as needed. Ladies use me, send me pictures if you aren't sure, of what to wear. I love to help women love themselves, and the clothes they are wearing. 



When you look good, you feel good, and then you do good things!


Jypsy Janzen


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