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Fashion Fades Only Style Remains The Same

June 02, 2014  •  1 Comment

Now this is something that I have wanted to do for a long time but wasn't sure if it would be worth it…. 

Disclaimer HERE: I am no way a fashion/style guru! I just know what I like and its all different so why not share my finds and style with you!


With that being said, I will also let you know from now on the photos will be taken with my camera and not my iPhone but sadly that wasn't and option during market….


This blog is just going to be a quick over view of different styles that I love! For the most part I am very boho, hippie. I will add some southwestern flare in too. And when I am real crazy I will add some super funky  or high fashion style….


Here We Go!!!!!


Maxi Dresses are always in style. They can be paired with a great bootie in the winter, or sandals come summer time. This stunner will be hitting stores this fall it is made by Uncle Frank. Uncle Frank is a branch off of Ivy Jane a great little clothing line based out of Dallas, TX. I am very thankful for all of the opportunities I have had to work with them. They have some outrageous warehouse sales and if you tune in to all the Fashion Blogs I will let you know when they are coming…. EEEEEKKKK Cute clothes at a inexpensive price point who doesn't love that!

IMG_0061Uncle Frank Faux Wrap Maxi Dress


Èis pronounced (Ace) is a great line out of Los Angeles. They are super fun boho chic and actually design some for Free People. 

They are the poor mans Free People to me, and I LOVE that. Makes them fit in my budget!!


I have on the Olive Green mesh dress that will be in stores around November of this year, paired with my great Minnetonka wedges. Now my jewelry comes from every where…. The charm hanging from my necklace that is shown in the top right corner was made by Kathy Sands in Stephenville, TX. I stumbled upon her booth at the Red Stegall Ranch Rodeo in 2013. She is an amazing maker. The fun earrings are from Jewels by Juls in Fairfield, TX. She also handmakes all of her jewelry. I really have some talented friends...


IMG_1990IMG_1990 IMG_1995IMG_1995


A super boho inspired look.

The jacket is Ivy Jane - 3 Seasons old

The dress can be found here : )


The head chain piece is from Claire's. 

Sadly I couldn't find the exact headband but this one here is a killer too!




Shout out to Ivy Jane again here on this super cute drop waist boho top. Now for some of my shortie friend this would be a cute Play Dress on you with tights….. Sadly I am to tall for that to happen. 

I snagged this top with all of the great embroidery and studded trim at their last warehouse sale for $40

The Skinny Jeans are from Forever 21- I have no shame in shopping at a novelty store….

Fringe Wedges are Minnetonka's I got them at Alley Cats in Wichita Falls, TX

IMG_0061Ivy Jane Boho Top. Forever 21 Jeans. Minnetonka Wedges.


Here is a moment of semi boho but not completely. 

This super cute silk cami is made by the wonderful line Alice & Trixie now they are a little pricey this beauty will be retailing for around $170 now with that being said don't run away… This is a staple piece that will last you years and can be worn all year round. Layered in the Fall and Winter months and then let be during Spring and Summer.

The crazy print pants came from Sassy South Sisters. Say that three times fast… They are super fun and can be paired back to so many different colors. 

Wedges are from Target. I got them last summer I believe they were $30-35 and are so comfy! I love a good wedge!

IMG_0061Alice and Trixie Top. Sassy South Sister Pants. Target Wedges.


Who is this chick?

During Market set up you can't help but play around with all the fun stuff coming in. This crazy amazing jumpsuit is made by Torn. Designed by Ronny Kobo. This is one of those not for everyone pieces, and I get it no one likes to show off everything… It is revealing, and sexy but oh so fun. Pair this back to some statement lipstick a killer printed clutch and then throw on a black pump. Heads will turn! 

IMG_0061Torn by Ronni Kobo Jumpsuit.


Ok so I may have a problem in the fact that I own tons of Ivy Jane. This killer Japanese Cherry Blossom print Kimono is AMAZING! 

This is another year round piece. Great to layer over a long sleeve shirt in the cooler months but come summer it is silk and will actually help keep you cool. I paired it with a black tank, flared jeans, and a nude sandal. Simple yet still dressy.

And now that we are in the dog days of summer this sweet little Kimono can also be a super fun Swim Suit Cover Up...

IMG_0061Ivy Jane Kimono. Stetson Jeans.


Winston White… Wow I don't even know how to describe this brand besides AWESOME! They have hit the custom floral design on the head! They have retro styled bodies with an updated twist and I adore them! This is the jumper I wore during this past Dallas Market working for the Ritz Group it won't be in stores until October but still fabulous then paired back to a killer denim jacket. 

Here are some links where you can buy a few current items.




Search for killer jumpers this summer and you can carry them in to the winter months : )

Prints and Solids. Both oh so fun!

IMG_0061Winston White Jumper




Now lets take a look at some really casual but still super fun styles. These were borrowed from the FAB Pinterest because I didn't have all the time to go shoot them on myself.



Who doesn't love a good cream top? I know I do! This top is stunning and will work all year round. I am an advocate for that I want a wardrobe that is multipurpose. These stunning jeans make me think of DL Jeans or even the now sadly retired Seven Dojo Jeans. Wear this look with a killer wedge and oversized bag or even a bright clutch and you are ready to go conquer the world!



Guess who's back…. Back again… OVERALLS!!! Y'all thought I was going to say Shady right…. While I was tempted to break out in song. I refrained. 


Yes that super fun no brainer get up and go look that you had as a kiddo is BACK! I can not tell you how happy I am about that either! They are super fun and easy to wear you can pair them with any footwear. Booties, Sandals of all sorts, Wedges, heck even a Pump. Through a tank, boyfriend tee, bralette, or bandeau under there and away you go! Sexy! 



And if we have an overall how could we not show the shortall some love! 

Look at this cutie working it with a Bralette top and heels. Oh and that great cross body bag! Yep she is styled and ready to go! 

Throw this little lover on over your swim suit and hit the beach and then the town for lunch...



Ok now for another effortlessly chic look.

A cute comfy tee, boyfriend jeans, statement necklace, boyfriend watch and bangles, printed clutch, and BRIGHT pumps.

In the words of an amazing fashionista herself Emiliy Jones…. "If it aint neon it shouldn't be on!"




Now I am a Jypsy and can never have to many ways to carry my goods from vintage suitcases to oversized bags. Here is an example on an amazing Serape Traveler. Stunning I know. The colors make me want to eat it…… Or candies like it : ))

While I couldn't find this exact one again, one of my favorite brands does a really great twist on it. So shot out to Arloom Bags and here is a link


IMG_0061Serape Bag


This is just a really fast run down of styles that I got to wear during market last week and a few that I love. 


Stay tuned and grow with me and lets see where this goes…..



Jypsy Janzen


Love it!
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