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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

September 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Today my dear friend Whitney turns 20, and I have had this rather nostalgic feeling lately with nothing to write about well lets see where this leads us.


The things that make your 20's so AWESOME!


  • You find your greatest, truest, most loving friends
  • You begin that journey towards making your mark on the world
  • For some you move out on your own, or start paying all your own bills. That's right you're not a teenager anymore...
  • Maybe you are in college and have finally decided to declare a major!
  • Or the opposite you could be done and breaking in to the vast unknown that we call the "real world" (cue music from jaws here)
  •  Learn to save your money, and stop wasting it. Trust me you don't have a never ending money tree in your backyard. I have hunted everywhere trying to find it.
  • It is ok to be selfish and do the things you want to do. This is the best time to find yourself.
  • Try new things. Food, Clothing Styles, Hobbies, and Friends
  • STOP taking everything so personally! (Especially you ladies)
  • Take care of your body, eat healthy, and workout! STOP Crash Dieting!! 
  • The most important thing about your 20's is to find yourself, and then be 100% true to it. Don't follow the crowd, be the one that standout, make a name for yourself an be original.


23 is quickly approaching me and while I have not been in my 20's long I can say that I am good at a few of the things above and still working on the others. I have definitely lost a few friends in my 20's but I have also grew closer with some, and even gained some new ones like Miss Whitney!

I believe that I am making my mark on the world, while I am not yet where I am envisioning to be everyday is one step closer!

I have lived on my own since 18, but finally took over all my bills at 21, done with college, and definitely in the vast unknown. And I love it! I am an explorer, lover of life, and enthusiast of all things old. 

Saving money has been the toughest challenge for me, I always work towards something then when I have the money I buy it. That attitude has put me in a jam many times. I am slowly getting wiser and learning it can wait.

I am a little selfish, I live by myself mainly to preserve friendships with my girlfriends...but living alone I have learned so much about myself, what I do and don't like, how I like things to be put up, how my schedule works, and how I can work around it.

I am always trying something new, food is definitely one of them. I have climbed on to the paleo band wagon, and who knew you could cook a trillion meals with veggies. I didn't, but I love it. I have fallen passionately in love with the freedom of fashion, I love all things whimsical, flowing, patterned and outrageous. I don't dress like anyone, or with any one particular style. I love bohemian, gypsy, hippie, native american don't brush your hair fashion. Things that match by not matching. 

Taking things personally is what I used to do, I was your typical emotional little girl. I then realized everyone is always fighting a battle and people say things that they don't mean, so why not be the one constant that is always happy, and has something nice to say, and sometimes that nice thing you say is saying nothing at all. Open your ears before you open your mouth!

I never have been one to follow the crowd, I did stick close by though. I have realized people will always talk about you or question what you do, so why not be completely enthralled with every decision you make so what they say wont bother you! Next time you go to do something and stop cause you are worried about what people will think, if it is not life threatening, or illegal then enjoy my love! Enjoy it and never stop!


Now for a little bit about the BIRTHDAY GIRL!


When I met this cotton headed ninny muggin' of a friend in July of 2012 she was starting her first job at Chris Christensen Systems. The most bubbly person that I have ever met, she bounced in to the office everyday, and yes I am serious bounced, sometimes because she hasn't mastered the art of walking yet. The pure innocence that is Whitney is my favorite thing about her, she was home schooled her whole life, thank goodness she has the personality of a princess and didn't turn out to be the stereotypical weirdo. It was a shock to her to see how the working manner of america functioned, loud, bossy, and for a few with the mouths of a sailor. People microwaved there lunches, were always in a hurry and planning a thousand things at once. Then there was little prissy, she hated the microwave, she wanted to stop and smell the roses, and organization was not something she had gotten down so don't plan it because she will lose the paper she wrote it down on. I have got to help Whitney through a breakup, hair color mishaps, buying her first car, and helping her to take care of it, don't worry it is a two way street she has gotten to laugh at the messes that I get myself into. We could not be to more opposite people and that is what I love most. There is no competition in our friendship, we have different hobbies that neither of us understand and we still want to hear every detail of what happened at the last dog show, or photo shoot. 

We took a girls trip down to Galveston and I learned so much about why she is such a great friend. We took the route off the beaten path so we could make extra memories, we took pictures at every city limits sign, made silly videos, and danced the whole way there. Whitney was not given the gene of skin that doesn't burn and she transformed in to a lobster on day one at the beach. Hey the bright side is she looks good in red! I learned that she eats melting ice cream funnier than anyone that I have ever seen, she is always game to take a million pictures which makes a great best friend for a photographer, and that she will gladly dress up and model for me when I see really cool locations driving around town. She was even willing to get up and run with me that is a huge deal, I am glad that Whitney wants to have a healthy lifestyle because I want her to be a friend I have forever. 


Happy Birthday Whitney! I hope that you enjoy every moment of being in your 20's!






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